Brainkore is the darkpsy project behind Vitor P.(Portugal).Starting to listen psychedelic in 2005,quickly begins the love for this style of music...first,jocking with friends,mixing psy music on traktor and virtualdj at some private partys with friends and at home...XD...Around 2010,and after the bo0o0m that was knowing the darkpsy,heheeh,before some experiences on dance e-jay ,F.loops and Ableton, begins to create some experimental psy sounds...later and with the precious help of two friends (Zamot and Green Mushie),brainkore was born.... ;...Im trying to produce a mix between darkpsy and Hitech|Fullpower sounds... XD;always trying to make better music and following the great rule"there is no rules", words of a friend ... .i´ve worked too with Psytuga,Yuppi,Dorkyus and Insane ElRato,upcoming new artists on the scene....anyway,thanks for the visit,.,i hope u have liked the sound and enjoyed it ;) COSMIC BLESSINGS TO EVERYONE

....thanks to all...Namaste