Mr. Bllizax

In 2007, Mr.Bllizax knew the world of electronic music and was encouraged by friends to begin his work as a DJ. Since then his work has focused on aspects Prog Trance. In 2011 the state of Espírito Santo, met Jonis Live Dj on a particular event, and decided to create a side project called Controllers where they worked within the strands electrohouse and progressive house in order attend the local public and accepting the challenge to fully escape its aspect of origin. They played as Controllers Project at various events. In 2012, Mr.Bllizax returned to his home city (Belo Horizonte / MG) and continued his work within the prog, making Bootlegs being released on the Internet. In May participated in the radio program Maioli's Club, with a mashup electro in honor of the Controllers. Mr.Bllizax has had support from dj's friends like Dj Don Psyphoria (Lier / Belgium), DJ Jonis Live (ES / BRA), Dj Tiago Maioli (ES / BRA), among others. was called by Dj Techmactic. join the Party Label Unique Records (P.L.U.R) which is headquartered in the Netherlands. Mr Bllizax is Brazilian representative of PLUR Always with new ideas, Bllizax, has been providing the public with a differential interaction with e-music lovers, having a diverse style of mixing time!!dj-bllizax/c1wu3