Hi my name is Ben Mattos aka VooDoo...
With 16 years old I started listening trance (Goa Trance and Psychadelic),
Since then i had been adict to trance and has been part of my life.
In 1998 i discovered the way to try make some trance in Ejay, one year
later in FLP but just for my self and have fun.
About 2006 a friend (Dj Jim / Mad Visions) had gived tips about production,
and how to make some terror in music !!
we start a project toguether Extreme Paranoia who stops in 2007.
In that year 2007 i had start alone, with my own project called the "VOODOO"
I give this name to my project because the passion i got of occult and black magic.
Voodoo take roots in an ancient ritual used for connecting human spirits 
with those from the beyond, fused in the project "Voodoo" who´s delivers high powered
dark psychedelic rollercoaster, a testament to the high bpm direction in the night
time of dark psychedelic music.
Since then I had acted in some local parties, ralese tracks in V.A´s, and 
my first full feature release in 2010, my E.P called (Voodoo - The Last Men Standing) with
9 unique microcosms, and the EP´s The Spell and Ages of Hell, etc, etc, 
Main while i have new future releases, waiting to born.
BooooM :))