Silent Moon

My work name is Silent Moon, I chose this name because the moon is a mirror of the soul and the only true discussion that we can do with our inner selves can be achieved when there is silence. As from the ancient years, there was a connection between music and universe. This connection remains until today with psychedelic music and we have to keep it alive. I am 23 years old, born to Athens-Greece in 1989. I started my first steps on the music world as a dj of psy trance in 2011. Today, I study at SAE in class electronic music production (started in 3 of October 2012). Here you can find my first job-tracks which are still in progress. I am interested to work with records of psy dark and psy forest scene. You can find my set remixes on and me in Facebook profile was I upload my entire job . If you are interesting contact me!!!!!!! BOOM SHANKAR!!!!!!