Simone aka RastaCore, 20 years, [Tessin (Swiss)_1993]

Simone begins to mix the age 15, he plays the evenings or parties in clubs electronic music but slowly discovers the music goa, at the beginning not too thrilled with the relationship continues, but slowly the music goa you suffer inside his head inside the his heart and his emotions.
And discovers PsyDark, puts his hands on his old friend and loved mixer and raises for the new mix more and more turned on and fast for a pure brainmassakre!
Now Produce and mix the genre DarkPsy / Forest / PsyCore /Hi-Tech...
Begin to mix the dark, until, one day decided to start experimenting and producing ...
It seems that is well and good saying!

Simone is always looking for new ideas, encouragement, emotions, to continue his experimental productions ...

I hope you like all my work, and if you want to always be up to date on new Production follow me!
Simone is under the label of Free Radical Records, and is delighted to announce it!
He hopes that you will have a pure brainmassakre and good listening!
Enjoy it!

With Love,

Dark ... What is dark?
Dark is Emotion!

Records Labels:

Free Radical Records, Luminati Records, Dark Ultimate Records, D-A-R-K Records, Galactic Crew, Infernal Family Crew